Freeter is a great new app for the Mac / Windows / Linux for simplifying your workflow. It is essentially a dashboard into your projects.

A freeter in Japan is a young person who typically lives at home and works in low paying temporary jobs. As opposed to the salaryman, a freeter lives a life of less stress, moving between jobs and leisure at will. I’m not sure if this is how this product got its name, but it kinda fits.


When you start Freeter you have a blank dashboard for your projects. Each project can have their own dashboard where you can add:

  • Command buttons
  • File Explorers
  • To Do Lists
  • Interactive Web Pages

When developing Colourinz, I used Freeter extensively. Apart from keeping track of to do items and bugs (through You Track by Jet Brains), I used it to fire off scripts to generate screenshots and upload them to the App Store or start a beta build and upload that.

I have several side projects that I use Freeter to pull everything together. I can work on one of these projects and then do nothing for months. Freeter allows me to come back to it and pick up where I left off.

So if you have trouble keeping your side projects on track, you should take a look at Freeter.

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