Introducing Colourinz

Brand new coloring app for adults. Available for iPad and iPhone on the App Store.

After many months of development, we are please to introduce Colourinz, a brand new coloring for adults app. Available now for iPad and iPhone on the App Store.


Colourinz started as real world analog coloring for adults pictures sold on large paper. The designs where by Carl Van Wijk and the name Colourinz came from the spelling of colour in New Zealand (with the extra ‘u’) and NZ being home to Carl and John.

The App!

Colorinz on White iPhone It seemed a pity that in this digital age that you couldn’t use an iPad or iPhone to color-in the drawings. So John decided to create an app for the Apple App Store. Colourinz the app was conceived!

Why Colourinz is different

Colourinz isn’t like many other coloring apps where you simply tap the area to color and it fills to the boundaries. With Colourinz, you stroke the colors with your finger (or Apple pencil) using either a pencil or a pen. A pencil will just apply color, but a pen has transparency and when applied it will create an additive effect where constant application will strengthen the color. A tip for using the pen is to set a low transparency and use many strokes to create a painting effect.


  • Use Pencil or Pen to achieve different drawing effects.
  • Fully editable palette. You can create your own palettes of colors.
  • The order of palettes can be changed so that you have the colors you want handy.
  • The pictures can be zoomed to a high degree allowing fine grained control.
  • Works on both iPhone and iPad in portrait or landscape orientations.


    • Double tap the canvas to hide the toolbars.
    • Tap and hold the tools to change the thickness and transparency (for the pen).
    • Tap and hold the palette area to edit the palettes.
    • Use the info screen (the i inside a circle on the toolbar) to see how thick/transparent your tools are.
    • Try using the pen with low transparency for a subtle painting effect.
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